Pranic Healing At The Genesis Foundation

Welcome to the Abode of God’s Children – Pure Souls who had lost the way in pursuit of finding the purpose of life in their way and drifted to seek some surreal pleasure, so unauthenticated, by getting addicted to drugs and other unconventional means of remaining hallucinated to seek liberty and freedom from the pain, sorrows OR being addicted for fun as they thought addiction would bring them.

THE GENESIS FOUNDATION counsels and helps hundreds of such addicts in drugs and narcotics in their rehabilitation center, to make people change their perspective towards life and catalyses their effort thru the Art of Modern Pranic Healing thru the help of some selfless, highly motivated and advanced Pranic Healers.

The Genesis Foundation has embarked on an ambitious mission with Pranic Healers and Pranic Healers services, which is highly priceless and at the same time considered to be one of the expensive methods of healing, thru their healing processes and unique peace meditation practices.

To summarize and put things in perspective we need to understand that the energy body is highly depleted for all addicts and that is the primary reason for craving for drugs and to increase their Life or the Pranic energy the effected CHAKRAs of the body needs to be cleansed and energized.

The treatment of drug addicts is twofold: Remove the addiction and hallucinogenic effects by removing the negative elements and negative thought entities and the second part to reduce the withdrawal symptoms.

The advanced Pranic Healers through their relentless and unremitting effort, love and passion to cure these Loving Souls, disillusioned for some reason or the other, thru the Divine guidance of their Grand Master CHOA KOK SUI have shown us the Light of the Day in a great way.

The Foundation with all its compliments extends the service of Pranic Healing to some of our patients. The healing is Priceless, the efforts are scientifically proven and the results awe inspiring. But at the Foundation it all comes for free, with the heartwarming compliments of the PRANIC HEALERS.

We Endeavour to build a commune of addiction free society thru energy healing by advanced Pranic healing techniques, which is very beneficial in the long run for the society at large.

You have to see it to believe in our conviction with the art of advance healing techniques of the healers.

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