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A healing Touch for the marginalised

Drug Addiction Rehabilitation

1951The World Health Organization acknowledged alcoholism as a serious medical problem in 1951 and 1956 the American Medical Association declared alcoholism as a treatable illness in 1956. 1965 The American Psychiatric Association began to use the term disease to describe alcoholism in 1965, and 1966 the American Medical Association followed in 1966. 

Dependency on alcohol and other drugs was once thought of as a moral problem. The addict was looked upon considered as a weak-willed individual who did not care about other people or even himself. Today, of course, medical doctors, and other professionals realize that chemical dependency is a disease which responds to treatment.


Drug Addiction Rehabilitation
Empowerment Through Education

We provide an education based program that teaches life and coping skills for relapse prevention. The entire program is based on the best evidence available and is presented in a manner that meets the needs of the adult learner. To ensure all clients carry through tasks from start to finish all program components are mandatory.

We support the client to:

Maintain abstinence
Be accountable for their actions
Develop a healthy lifestyle including exercise, healthy diet, keeping regular routine and hours, getting regular and adequate sleep
Drug and Alcohol Free Environment and Safety
We provide a safe environment for our clients by maintaining:

A drug and alcohol free environment
A zero tolerance policy for aggressive behavior


Drug Addiction Rehabilitation
Relapse Prevention Plan

We provide skilled personal counselors to assist clients to create their own relapse prevention plan.

The plan is customized to address all areas of a client’s life in relation to relapse prevention.
The complete relapse prevention plan assists clients to be confident and ready to succeed.

Clients will create an organized written plan so they can become:

        ü  Knowledgeable about addiction and relapse prevention
        ü  Stronger and healthier both physically and mentally
        ü  Skilled in problem solving and clear thinking
        ü  Skilled in using positive relaxation techniques
        ü  An expert communicator

Addiction is a pathological relationship with a mood or mind-altering substance or behavior which renders one powerless and produces harmful consequences. The addicted person is often the last to accept the disease concept. But parents, spouses, and other people close to the addict are slow in identifying the disorder as an illness. This is because they, too, are simply too involved emotionally with the disease process. An addiction does not exist in a vacuum.


Drug Addiction Rehabilitation
Family Consultation

By the time our services have been requested, the family has been through a lot. We do everything possible to make the smooth transition into treatment and keep the family updated on how things are going. Usually, what the family needs is just plain sound advice and encouragement from an experienced Genesis counselor.

We have a wonderful of staff whose sole purpose is to keep families updated on the progress of their loved ones, and help them work through any issues that may arise during treatment.

In the same way that an addict’s drug use negatively affects those around them, their rehabilitation positively affects them. We believe in not only getting addicts off drugs but rebuilding lives and relationships back to their former state.