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"The biggest hurdle in the path of Human Growth is the thought you know it all. Never allow this thought to get better of you.Otherwise the haughtiness will pave the path for your destruction. This cavalier attitude with callousness ,superior attide entwined with flomboyant life style,arrogrance, contempt consigned me to a state of moroseness. Having become heuristic while retrospection I finally realised the truth of the cited quotation. To realise this truth and above all the accept it at one point of time was unimaginable. I had become so impertitent and ego centric that my false pretences did not go till the end. Reaching a point of utter hapless and hopelessness If everything is in my mind , then what I am supposed to do. Out of the blue came the answer :CHANGE What to change and how: The rejoinder was single syllable ATTITUDE. With no other option but to surrender , I took the vow. Abrupt change in the attitude turned me topsy-turvy. It was very paintfull, self evading and disastrous in the begining. Slowly but steadily I came out of the self woven cocoon.I had nothing other than my hope. My only prayer was LORD IF IT IS PAIN, GIVE ME THE STRENGTH TO BEAR IT, SO THAT I CAN REALISE AND BE WORTHY ENOUGH TO UNDERSTAND THE MEANING OF YOUR MESSAGE.In the due course I could experience the blessing.I commenced accepting others as they are and admitting myself as I am. I started to adopt and adept to the reality. I started with the basics. It slowly dawned on me that right attitude will take you to the desired attitude. Just right realignment of perception. When I started to imbibe the tinge of honesty in myself I could not only acknowledge others but do apppreciate too. I am no more in isolation. I may be alone but I am not lonely. I know nothing much may change out of such appreciation and realisation but it will definitly leave each one of us contented. Not only I can relish but also share. When I started making peace with myself I started to expereince the world around me is peace with me. I no more act impishly and impulsive. No more I dream, but aspire. Nothing is free. I realised the dictum GIVE AND TAKE.I strive for my needs today and have the confidence of acquiring it honestly and through dint of my labout. Today I am content. I foresee better tomorrow with confidence. I no more droop I am gaining my gait and walk straight with my head on my shoulders. I am at peace with myself reciprocally with the world at large. This transformation for the state of despair to confidence could be attributed to a single doctrine: POSITIVE ATTIDUE.
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The Genesis Foundation, a Kolkata based organization, dealing with the addicts and alcoholics and person having mild psychological disorders. The organization is having its branch at Siliguri. The organization is having a clients strength of 223 addicts/alcoholics with a strength of 50 experienced and dedicated clinical and support staff members. For last few years, the counselors and other clinical staff were in need of a structured documentation, which will help in serving the clients and saving families. The organization held a workshop on NGO Management on 11th & 12th May, 2010, which was inaugurated and a Handbook on Documentation was launched by eminent Gynecologist Dr.Geeta Ganguly Mukherjee. This Handbook will be of immense help to all the clinical staff and enable them to serve the clients better. This is for the first time in the history of NGO movement in Kolkata, a organization have shown their dedication and have published a handbook on documentation, which will be of immense help to all counselors and other clinical staff. This is for the first time a non-funding organization has shown their commitment to organize a workshop, without any outside help whatsoever (monetary and others) It was amazing to see that all the resource persons were from the organization itself. This itself proves the organization is well equipped and possess the requisite expertise in the field of counseling and therapeutic treatment. Though there are other organizations in the neighborhood working in the same field and claims themselves to be dedicated in serving the clients, experience shows other than THE GENESIS FOUNDATION none have the desire for a structural treatment procedure, which can benefit the clients and their families. Apart from the staff, counselors from the organization, other organizations were represented by the members of their staff at the workshop. Our sincere thanks to Mr.Tanmoy Bose, Mr.Indrajit Ghosh and Mr. Tamisrajeet Banerjee, the founder members of the organization, Mrs.Mridula Bose and Mr.Anirban Bhattacharya, the counselors of the organization who had worked day and night to bring out this handbook, for the benefit of all clinical staff and for the treatment of addicts/alcoholics as a whole.
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A New Beginning
Samya Bhattacharya (name changed) aged 27 was a bright student at 18 years of age. He had come to Kolkata for his higher studies from his home in the North of Bengal, and was studying at a prestigious institution. Newly exposed to the pleasures of city life and adult independent life he found it difficult to resist temptations. His story starts in the fashion of a regular adolescent youth’s, but ends in absolute disaster. He first started drinking alcohol when he was still a student in the 12th standard. Back then it started as a fun activity among friends. While a lot of his friends could restrict drinking to once-a-month party-time affair, Samya started squeezing out more and more of his time and pocket-money for amusement. Soon he found companions who shared similar interests and also got introduced to marijuana and an assortment of prescription drugs. He was young and full of prospects and he did not believe there was anything that could stop him. He wanted to win over these substances trying to be the man he was not. Gradually his life changed as he started getting branded in friend circles as a heavy drinker and a drug user. He spent years compromising on the quality of his life so that he could prove to himself and his friends that he could handle drugs, until a time came when he could do it no more. In the pursuit of his ego Samya had lost everything—his family, his friends, his career, his health, et al. He was broke; physically, mentally, and financially and he was living off the benevolence of a friend, who bought him some food everyday and allowed him a place to stay. This was when he decided to seek help. After a couple of years, a failed treatment, and a relapse Samya is now at The Genesis Foundation and is free from drugs and alcohol for the past eleven months. He works as a Sr. Content Writer in a Website Development Company and is looking ahead to complete one year of sobriety very soon. He is happy once again and the only fear he knows today is a healthy fear of relapse.
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Man Can Change His Destiny
Amlan Das (name changed) aged 30 years, is a resident of Beliaghata, where he has lived with his mother since his childhood. As a kid he was shy and preferred to stay from people. He failed to find much interest in studies and regularly escaped from school to join in on ‘Danguli’ games and other fun activities. He studied the 7th standard and dropped out of school after that. He spent time playing carom in local clubs till one day (on a Saraswati Puja) he was first introduced to alcohol at the age of 16. It started with beer and soon went to hard liquor. There was finally an interesting addition to his otherwise dull and boring life and he spent more and more time doing it. Gradually he became involved with friends and acquaintances, who smoked marijuana and chased brown sugar. Amlan was mesmerized by the brown sugar spell and soon started chasing the dragon. Around the same time he got a job as a casual staff in a reputed company. The money that the job brought in spoilt Amlan’s brown sugar habit even further, and he started wanting more everyday. Money ran short, of course, and Amlan didn’t stop at cheating or stealing for money. He stole a large amount of money and quit job because he could no longer support his job life along with his smacking habits. Instances of stealing and cheating increased till one day he was offered an occupation by a peddler. He had built a good relationship with this person and the deal was very simple. Amlan had to help him in the getting and selling of the stuff and against it he would get some pocket money plus as much of brown sugar as he wanted for himself. Amlan couldn’t resist it. He found the idea overwhelming and started working as a peddler of drugs. He gained more and more trust and appreciation in his job, but his life started moving downhill. The number of detoxifications increased and so did the number of visits to the police station. Until one day he was arrested by the Beliaghata Police Station and referred to The Genesis Foundation for treatment of his addiction. It took him a long time and two treatments at The Genesis Foundation but Amlan did turn around. Today, he is living a clean and sober life for the past one year and a few months. He gives his voluntary service to The Genesis Foundation and lives happily with the modest honorarium he gets. He doesn’t have to steal or cheat to support his lifestyle anymore. In fact he plays the role of a model recovering addict for his fellows at the organization.
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We do keep coming back...
Thanks to all the pioneers who have crossed several milestones. Their journeys, as i have witnessed some, were not that blissful but they persevered and prevailed and I am glad to have found this website where i could take a glimpse of some of my 'chemical brothers' still paving the way for addicts who are still suffering and have desires to stop using. Well, brothers it's me Sanga whom you have given a hand and pulled him out from the gutter. I take great pride in mentioning that it is because of those hugs and feedbacks of yours that i am what i am today. I am presently working on the 12th step with some of my brothers (Society for Recovering Addicts (SORA)) here in Aizawl. Do pray for us as we would.
LALSANGLIANA PACHUAU, Secretary Society for Recovering Addicts.  Create a blog

One the eve of the festival of lights I came across a known name in Face Book -- Tanmoy Bose, at the outset I was confused because I know him by Kaku but soon I recognized he is the same person. And then the site of Genesis, long back somebody told me that coincidence is a miracle where God plays anonymous and it happened today. I don't want to detail my history rather I could just say that If I had tried a few years back........ I too had first tasted the essence of sober life from the ground of this Holy place but to my utter foolishness I kept coming back not to the meetings but to treatment centers and I lost my precious seven and a half years.But suddenly one fine morning some body lifted the thing up and I was freed till then I had never stopped, never turned back the graph only went up!!! Today I owe my gratefulness to the organization that they had injected the zeal inside me and today whatever little I have done will be incomplete without Genesis. A lot of nostalgia are silently preserved in one corner of my brain that once I too had the opportunity to be a part and parcel of this beautiful family. Thank you Genesis

Congratulation Somnath. C
Congratulation Somnath.C of Pranjal for completing 7 years Clean and Serene.
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Congratulation Kalpana.B
Congratulation Kalpana.B of Ladies unit for completing 1 years Clean and Serene.
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Refreshing Recovery
I have been clean for 3.5 years now, thanks to Genesis Foundation. Recovery is n ongoing process. After all, using drugs is a waste of time, energy, money, health. ~Sai
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My Rebirth After 35 Years...S.B
I am an alcoholic of 35 years biological age, married, having a family with wife, baby (4 years old), parents and sister; a scientist by profession working outside WB. I have been drinking alcohol since last 11 years. I started drinking in a social manner and fall in love in a few years. So, I started taking alcohol without any social reason. Slowly I became dependent on alcohol. After active addiction of around 2 years, my family members started feeling that all of my life has reached to an end point. I did countless sins towards my parents, wife, sister,friends, and even our only 4 years' old baby. My personal life affected at its most and I wasabout to die or kill anybody anytime for drink and drive; or might ended up in jail. I am grateful to God for giving my family the wisdom to decide to put me in the Genesis Foundation before it is too late. For the first time in my life, I came to know that I am affected with a dangerous and deadly progressive brain disease called "ADDICTION" which affected every aspects of life; physically, mentally, and spiritually and can lead a human being to any extent! I started getting involved into the 12 steps NA/AA program which guided me to learn how I could arrest my disease. Thanks to Arijit-da, the incharge of detox for tolerating and supporting me through out those days. By this time, I was shifted to the Rehabilitation unit where I was forced to maintain a tight schedule filled with different sessions including Input Classes, Reading Session, Devotion, Yoga, Recreation (cricket and volley), TDA, OT etc. With the leadership of Sudeep-da (Rehab incharge) and the challenging attitude of Imran-da (Rehab Staff), and a huge love of other fellows, I got quite used to with the new schedule within a couple of days. I also find myself more and more within the recovery program with the tremendous supports of our counselors, especially Abhi-da and Kaushik-da. I used to come to Sudeep-da whenever I felt bad. Imran-da's way of talking and counseling is what I could easily understand and apply to my life. He has the gifted ability to say something so simply that it could directly reach to the core of my mind. He is a living example to follow "Principles before Personalities" and "Fake it to Make it" as I realized. On the other hand I was surprised to watch Sudeep-da's coolness and positive attitude in any circumstances. With this, I started understanding the Input classes. Avi-da's input class was the best as it always had a scientific relevance; while Kaushik-da's classes were decorated and presented so nicely with the live experiences that I could not dare to miss a single word. These people are really legends for me. I started feeling how my family is missing me too and what they are praying for. Suddenly, in one cold morning, I felt an abrupt emotional change within me. I was amazed to find out my own problems and the practice how to handle it without using any drugs !!! I literally felt in love with the Rehab and started enjoying and using each and every moments; learnt how to love, trust, and accept the things I cannot change. The place is the only place to me where I can share my "each and every" misdeeds, negative or dirty thoughts, happiness, sadness, fun, anger and every aspect of my life, honestly and fearlessly even on today's date. For me, the Genesis Rehab centre is my temple where God resides. Each and every moments, I am feeling the power of meditation and spiritualism. When I felt my professional life might be in a big trouble; I immediately rushed to Sudeep-da. A single word "trust" recalled by him put me out of any kind of FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Reality) just in a few moments!! I was amazed to discuss the issue with Avi-da who understood it and supported all his way so that I don't loose my job !!! God also gave my parents the confidence on my recovery and wisdom so that they also felt the probable crisis I might be facing in my professional life if I stay out of my job for more times. In a very healthy and constructive agreement among my parents and Avi-da, I was released from the centre before 20 days from today. I am a rejoicing recovering addict at this moment. I visited an NA convention after returning back home and was amazed with countless love and spirit of Tanmay-kaku, Jeet-da and Sambit-da. I can't forget the moment when I told Kaku that I want to visit my rehab and stay there; he immediately responded "why asking me? your place; go and stay as long as you want!!" Knowing my come back, Sudeep-da texted me "welcome back home". Finally I revisited the rehab and stayed there for a night. It was an amazing experience to serve Jagan- da and his team (name changed) in the kitchen and meet old friends and share my experience of the new life. Nothing surrounding me has changed, but something from inside has changed me a lot so that I have all the confidence to face any situation. As of Today; I am never thinking about taking alcohol anymore but still in the surprise how this program removed my character defects that were within me even when I have not started drinking!! To be honest, I thank God for making me an alcoholic; otherwise I would never have come to this place and would be in complete darkness from an amazing power and a wonderful way of living life. The door of Genesis is always open to me and I have a regular contact with all the winners. By God's grace, no permanent damages have occurred in my professional life while I am trying to reconstruct the relationship crisis at this moment. Thanks to the Genesis Foundation for offering me a new life.
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