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A healing Touch for the marginalised

Our Rehab Admission Counsellor

By coming to this site, you have started the process of getting a loved one help and on to the road of recovery and a happier, healthier life. If you've seen the exceptional nature of our facilities and rehabilitation programs and are interested in finding out more about our affordable rates or anything else that may concern you, one call is all you need.

You'll be speaking with one of our professional admission counselors who will help you take the next step, including providing rehab admission information, arranging transportation and if needed, referrals to independent intervention specialists. You'll find that our counselors do more than answer questions. They solve problems.

Whether you choose the Genesis rehab centre ÖÖ to be your partner in recovery or not, our admission counselors can also help you to find the help you need throughout India. We use our extensive experience in assessment and referral as a public service to the community.



People come to The Genesis Foundation  Rehabilitation Programme from various cities in India. These people represent all ages, social, occupational and religious backgrounds. There are no constraints on caste, creed or social status.

People refer themselves or are referred by concerned persons from medical, legal, family mental health or Alcoholics and Narcotic Anonymous Communities.

Qualifications for rehab admission

Our basic admission criteria are for males who are 6 years or older who have a substance abuse disorder.


Because chemical dependency affects all areas of a personís life, each patientís social, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and physical condition is carefully evaluated with special attention to the consequences of alcohol and other drug abuse.  The patient has to fill in a self evaluation form, which is appraised in the counselorís initial interview and assessment. This form is the blue print for the patientís treatment at The Genesis Foundation.