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A therapeutic healing community for the substance abusers

A group of like minded people from the drug user's community,under the leadership of Mr. Tanmoy Bose and Mr. Indrajit Ghosh started The Genesis Foundation,primarily to provide services to drug users aiming at mainstreaming

To affirm the dignity and self-worth of the marginalised and ensure their holistic empowerment and reinstatement in the society

* To improve the quality of life of individuals, families and community as a whole by providing information, education and treatment

* To advance in the field of Chemical Dependency and HIV/AIDS through research and training

* To improve our quality and effectiveness of our services through continuous improvement and innovation

# Love & Compassion

# Confidentiality

# Honesty & Integrity

# Empathy

# Affirmation

# Indiscrimation

# Availability

# Conviction

# Committment